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, the biggest prize on this super tuesday fell in favor of ms. romney. >> after being locked in the type up all night, he narrowly won the primary. he also scored victories in virginia, massachusetts, vermont and idaho. >> midwestern tour and one in oklahoma, tennessee and north dakota. newt gingrich won in georgia. robert liles on the challenges that lie ahead. >> we are going to take your vote, but huge vote in massachusetts, and take that victory all the way to the white house. >> as massachusetts polls closed that romney also seem to close his grip on the republican nomination. that white knuckle grip loosened in ohio with rick santorum. >> it's clear. we have won races all over this country, against the odds. when they thought, okay, he's finally finished. we keep coming back. >> santorum is more like they surprise storm. then came tonight's nailbiter in ohio. >> i think it is the surprise because santorum is doing so well in ohio. >> ohio is this state every year. so that makes the buckeye state -- >> the crown of super tuesday, this is the state that romney needed to win. >> despite rom
limbaugh went too far. the fallout from his rant against the college student. >>> plus, mitt romney's presidential campaign picking up momentum following another win in washington state. it is 8:30, march march 4th, sunday morning. if you are joining us this morning. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. we will be talking about the republican presidential race and the economy. >>> and also talking about america's cup. but our top story, we have been following two day's worth of reports of damage coming out of the tornadoes in the midst west and south and today the search for survivors is continuing. >> that is right. after the tornadoes ripped through the south, the number of people killed is 36 so far. apparent tornadoes destroyed the town of henryville, indiana. we will have a live report from the scene in just about five minutes. >>> more than 10,000 california college student will be ralliesing at the state -- rallying at the state capital tomorrow, raising awareness about tuition hikes, upset about paying more money
anybody's game. last week rasmussen showed santorum is leading romney. tonight a new rasmussen poll in tennessee shows element identical. santorum 34% romney 30. in both states santorum had a substantial lead in polls taken two weeks ago. several states in a dead heat the candidates were criss- crossing the country campaigning this weekend. 419 delegates at stake in 10 states. right now mitt romney has the most delegates. but as drew levinson reports super tuesday could be a game changer. >> reporter: the gop frontrunner went to georgia sunday where he served up pancakes and promises. mitt romney again ignored his republican rivals and attacked president obama. >> he's been in office for three years. i'm still waiting to hear what his jobs plan is how he's going to make america more competitive how he's going to put us back to work. >> reporter: georgia offers the most delegates on super tuesday and it's newt gingrich territory. the former house speaker served the state and congress for 20 years. he says it's a must win. >> i think you lose all credibility if the folks who know
romney and where he stands after the latest gop contest in louisiana >>> that loss what does it mean sitting down the political insiders and talking at sports also in bay area. the owner of the caught the mood and a quarterback controversy in the forty-niners >>> and everything going down with the new orleans saints with congressional hearings, rep. >>> a murder investigation has stunned a quiet san francisco neighborhood. >>> off police returned figure of the deaths of five people is a case of a murder-suicide or if there's still a suspect. the bodies of the three women and two men on friday in an endless side district and first is believed the murderer was among the dead and now police are not sure. they're assuring neighbors the economic risk. >>> the experts in this area do not believe that there's a threat to public safety at this time. >>> it's scary in terms of the committee that could be someone out there possibly. >>> the gruesome scene was discovered by a woman coming home from work and pride in mourning and the stevenson trying to determine how the victims were kille
crucial races on tuesday. mitt romney leads rick santorum is making strides. it could be a tight three way contest this week. rick santorum spent sunday in mississippi shaking hands, holding babies and boing -- posing for pictures. >> the g.o.p presidential candidate is looking for support from voters in the deep south where mississippi and alabama hole their primaries tuesday. >> we think they will vote for the conservative that represents their values. >> rick santorum hopes the showing could force newt gingrich out of the race and turn this into a two man contest with mitt romney. one rick santorum says he will win but won't ask newt gingrich to get out. >> throughout the primaries and gawk uses rick santorum and newt gingrich split the vote giving romney an advantage. newt gingrich said he's not getting out and as he did in georgia he can win this week. we'll get delegates in mississippi and alabama. >> romney didn't campaign, he will join the others on the trail monday. >> when california voters head to the polls they will see something they read no used to seeing. how the top two pri
. so, what does this mean for romney and is it time for gingrich to bow out? susan mcguiness is in birmingham. >> reporter: what a night for rick santorum, he sweeps alabama and mississippi. he edges newt gingrich into second place and gingrich had the most to lose tonight. this is a venue where he had his rally. and leaving mitt romney in third place. cbs news projects rick santorum has swept tuesday's primaries in the south. winning both alabama and mississippi. >> we did it again. mitt romney spent the day rallying supporters in missouri. looking ahead to saturday's caucuses there. he is calling himself the one guy in the race who can beat president obama. >> he said he would cut taxes for middle income americans. your taxes down? don't vote with what the pundents say. >> leading up to tuesday's primaries. newt gingrich is fighting for the same conservative voters. he spoke about the primary in birmingham. >> we are going to leave alabama and mississippi with the substantial number of delegates, increasing our total going towards tampa. >> gingrich made a big
campaigning in delegate rich ohio. washington state held its caucuses today and mitt romney racked up another victory there. >> reporter: inside some caucus sites, it was standing room only. in others, voters were turned away. as tens of thousands of washington state republicans made their picks for a presidential nominee. front runner, mitt romney, won the contest. ron paul dropped in on caucus goers saturday, pushing hard for his first victory, but came up short. the washington state win may give romney a boost heading into the criminal supertuesday contest. saturday, he rallied supporters in ohio, where he is locked in a close race with rick santorum, but romney stuck to hammering president obama and highlighting his business background. >> with jobs so badly needed with incomes having gone down, we the president who knows the economy to fix the economy. >> santorum used a 2009 u.s.a. today editorial to challenge romney on healthcare. in it, romney said he supported individual mandates and tax penalties that inspired president obama's healthcare bill. >> you know, it's bad enough that
their lives. >> on the national front, presidential hopeful rick santorum wins in kansas while mitt romney takes wyoming. and newt gingrich, he is counting on his fellows down in the deep south to stay in the race for the white house. santorum's rival skippedded campaigning in kansas allowing him to win the state easily yesterday. the candidates are battling for mississippi and alabama and newt gingrich in third place is counting on his foal southerners to win come tuesday. >> we can win alabama and mississippi tuesday night. we will reset the campaign for the ninth or tenth time. >> for front runner mitt romney, mississippi and bm bam -- alabama had been considered long shots but new polling show significant gains. >>> 8:36 now and still to come, a look at the legal debate over the sheriff's domestic violence trial. >>> and the intimate details we are learning about his past. we checked with a legal analyst. >> playing dirty in football. the scandal gripping the new orleans saints. we are live next. th who >>> big cool down around the bay area this weekend. clouds move into the area and r
presidential candidate mitt romney is coming to california replenishes scout campaign coffers. he owns a home in california and will be here tomorrow and tuesday. thinner in redwood city where donors will pay up to $25,000 to attend. the latest poll shows romney with a double-digit lead in the california primary race. 42 percent of republican voters support romney, 23 percent back rick is a sandstorm. the pope spent his final day in mexico holding mass for a massive crowd. monica is there where people are already excited for the next latin american stock >> hundreds of thousands of followers cheered and snap photos as pope benedict arrived for mass in his pope mobile. the 84 year-old pontiff gave crowds a photo opportunity what they were not expecting when he wore a traditional sombrero. the open air mass is the highlight of his three day trip to the country. he spoke in the shadow of the christ the king monument, one of the most important symbols for catholics in mexico. he flew over the statue to bless it before the mast began, something the late show pope john paul the second always wanted
hopeful mr. romney. white challenger rick santorum says it does not mean anything >> breezy and cool across the bay area today. we will start the week with cool weather and unsettled conditions as the spring forecast is coming up next. >> irani got back in the win column today claiming victory in the border region primary. he dominated with 83 percent of the vote. rick santorum finish second in new gingrich and wrong all came in third and fourth respectively. candidates are already focused on the next primary. >> that is good news, thank you. >> that romney picked up another 20 delegates with his hummer of arming victory in pr sunday >> those people who don't think that latinos will vote for a republican need to take a look in pr >> the gop front runner is already in illinois. he emphasized his business experience and took a shot at president obama >> i am convinced that america was the best chance of replacing an economic light weight if we nominate an economic heavyweight >> rick santorum finish second in pr. he spoke with churchgoers in louisiana >> it was really good. he is my ma
on wednesday will force them to show out. romney has our commanding lead in the delegate count after six victories on super tuesday. he's looking for strong show in the south after losing to georgia and south carolina. >> i got started right this morning with ape escape and some cheesy grits. >> he decided to focus on caucus states as the way to win the delegates. >> romney pat and his delegate lead over night want another nine delegates in qualm and another night on the northmen out islands. over his telling of ain't no minor night owl, commissioner dan richards outraged many californians by posting photos of himself with the dead animal online. hunting downlines is legal in idaho, but, instead of trying to remove richards he will revise the conflict of interest code. >>> is deciding his right to speak at uc berkeley. he urged supporters today on polarizing political figures visit. >> someone on this campus would say, you shouldn't hear what i have to say when the world listens to what i have to say? and. >> this is video posted by the nation of islam from inside the overhaul where lewi
. the republican presidential candidates are in illinois tonight ahead of the critical primary. mitt romney cut short a campaign trip to pr which holds its primary tomorrow. rick santorum spent the morning in missouri. he won that state's non-binding primary last month. polls show ms. romney ahead. while the republican candidates spent the work they worried about the results, the president grabbed a beer. president obama's jacket was only moss green but its pilot was guinness. he drank a glass of beer observing st. patrick's day at a pub in washington d.c.. his ancestral cousin was there for the festivities. at the white house, the main fountain was green in honor of the holiday. workers are preparing for a visit from the irish prime minister. >> it would not be st. patrick's day without the chicago river going green. this is the 50th year a group of people got together to die the river green. it is really orange but it turns green once it hits the water. i was not sure i would wear these glasses on the air. a neighbor who is irish gave these to me but ryan is completely void of all st. patrick
in louisiana primary today. he beat mitt romney by more than 20 points with newt gingrich and ron paul taking third and fourth. while voters were headed to the polls in louisiana, santorum held a rally in wisconsin. he is favored to win that state as well. mitt romney wife campaigned for him in wisconsin. meanwhile at the pennsylvania leadership conference, newt gingrich made it clear he wants to be known as the most conservative republican candidate. he says that america cannot handle another four years of president obama. mr. obama is in south korea tonight touring a military base near the north korean border. he entered the demilitarized zone to greet troops stationed 100 yds from the demarcation line. former vice president dick cheney has a new heart. the 71 year-old had the surgery this morning and aides say he has been waiting for a transplant for more than 20 months. the vice president and his family will forever be grateful. he has had five heart attacks since age 37 and has had several other procedures including quadruple bypass surgery. it is not clear how long the former vice-presi
presidential candidate rick santorum is gaining on front runner mitt romney in upcoming primaries including here in california. he's still the favorite among likely republican voters but santorum is now just six points behind, jumping 18-point december. but for now the gop spotlight is on the deep south. alabama and mississippi hold their primaries on tuesday. the strongly conservative states could be the last chance for that from his rival to halt his moment. >> you have an opportunity and mississippi to narrow this race today conservative versus the insider moderate. >> despite his growing delegate lead romney has not done well with southerners, evangelicals and other more conservative voting blocs. santorum and gingrich had consistently split database. >> they are sky high at this time of year with no signs of coming down. gas prices. >> at what's really driving up the price per gallon and why you will be paying more in the next few months. >> and they are the size of many bedrooms. at 160 square feet, these are apartments. we will take input and discover in this case what size does matt
as long as the lead keep coming in. i think the kids. dirichlet's facing a must win situation that romney came through with another picture is in an illinois. he routed by santorum with nearly half the votes in the state's primary avises third straight state win. santorum finished with 34 percent of the vote. ron paul and its interest is at this stage is in the third and fourth the news exit polling shows on with voters consider the economy the most important issue this year. we know our future is brighter in these troubled times. we still believe in america. and we deserve a president who believes in us and i believe in the american people. the always we won the areas that can serve as inhabitants thought we're very happy about that a habit of the delegates let's do. >>> most of their attention to louisiana's primary on saturday. >>> it's nice when ron increases this leave when it comes to the delegates he is now 562 that is twice as many as santorum and almost halfway to the 1144 delegates needed to claim the republican nomination. the damaged homes and roads that is the evidence left
state. and only mitt romney and ron paul collected enough signatures to appear on the virginia ballot. paul is targeting the caucus dates like idaho. >> i expect that it will be one of our best states. >> reporter: he has yet to win a single state. danielle noddingham, cbs news, ohio. >> well, the more fallout from his comments about the law student in favor of broader birth control coverage. and the companies, such as quick in loans, proflowers, aol have all pulled their ads from his radio show. sandra fluke appeared before the congressional hearing last week. and she argumented for birth control coverage that he called her a prostitute. today, the conservative radio talk show host had a message for advertisers. >> well, they no locker want your business. we'll replace them. it's simple really. and advertising is a business decision. it's not a social one. and only they need to try to use the extortion, the pressure, the flip, to silence the opposing voices. >> we don't do that. >> i don't think that a statement like this issued saying that his choice of words were not the best. and
diego. romney's campaign says the they're not worried about the information being weeks by the thefts is not appear to be politically motivated. >>> students now face tougher security precautions will take college entrance exams after an s.a.t. cheating scandal was uncovered is a restive students prompted the new rules 55 students either got paid to take the sats or paid others to take its once kindled 60 minutes that he was paid around $2,500 to. did we before today was incredibly easy to cheese there were a number of loopholes that made it possible for kids to pay someone else to take the test for them. now students lack of blood flow id when they register the test which will be put in a database on the day of the test a photo id will be required to match the registration. to equate something is bugging starbucks customers they say the coffee chain may have gone too far when it made ingredients in one of its frozen drinks and a little more natural light my chagrin shows us why quebeckers and now part of one favorite drink. >>> this story, your opinion is made of you it's about a p
a boat where ms. romney has a slight lead over rick santorum guess the state's lesson in herself for oakland police officers. the ball club that is raising money for a very good cause will be right back. i if sphere the bay area from getting a chance to tryouts how people made the most of its. the problems caused by the rain and what was left behind. >>> + more storm problems in the sierra way mudslide pride and toppled trees and harlans. and protests on the streets of afghanistan and protests in the bay area what we know about the soldier accused of killing more than a dozen afghan civilians welcome back its 859 on early edition. to good morning and phil. >>> it's march 18th are glad you're starting a sunday here a lot to talk about in the next half-hour including the weather it's very gussy up there today this is after we've seen quite a walloping of 10 the last week in the bay area coastline is still under high serve advisory the national weather service says we may see breakers weather officials warn of strong rip currents and waves today some beaches face possible erosion
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